California’s Insurance Market is in Crisis

We must ACT NOW to FIX the home & auto coverage crisis FIX the home & auto coverage crisis

California’s Outdated Insurance Framework is Failing Consumers

California is facing a severe insurance coverage crisis, with millions of consumers losing access to the coverage they need to protect their homes, cars and businesses. California’s outdated insurance regulatory framework is not equipped to handle today’s realities, including climate-driven extreme weather and record inflation.

Since 2022, the insurance market crisis has forced seven of the top 12 insurance companies to restrict access to new policies or exit out of the California market entirely.

Forward-Looking Solutions are Needed Now to FIX the Coverage Crisis

We must ACT NOW to modernize California's insurance framework by enacting forward-looking solutions that restore balance in the market - ensuring ALL consumers have access to the insurance coverage they need

Proven catastrophe risk modeling

Use of reinsurance

Streamline rate review process

Fix FAIR Plan to prevent insolvency

Community-wide wildfire mitigation

Coverage Crisis in the News